'BOOM' Customised Jacket

'BOOM' Customised Jacket


As part of Hatrik's Custom Denim line, this particular jacket a pop-art inspired 'BOOM' in pastel pink, red and white sequins. The piece is completely hand-sewn and embellished providing a unique one-off jacket. The jacket is a vintage Ralph Lauren from Colorado, USA. 

  • Jacket Size: Medium 
  • Jacket Brand: Ralph Lauren Authentic
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Embellishment: Sequins and glass seed Beads 

If you wish to order a custom jacket head to Order Custom Denim via Hatrik, where we provide that hot line bling for your favourite denim pieces. Names are popular, initials are excepted and custom designs are highly encouraged so get creative! 


*We’re all about character building, so please keep in mind each Hatrik item comes with it’s own story. As a result, .slight wear and tear or vintage defects may be present.

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