50s Tie Up Red Dress

50s Tie Up Red Dress



Red makes a statement regardless of the style, but with a lady-like silhouette like this, anyone can get away with it. With the colourful dress flaring from the waist and twirling with every movement, the detail is found in the tie up sleeves. 

Size and Fit

Authentic vintage- approximately a  10-12 in size. 


100% Chiffon.

Styling Inspiration

To mix things up, add a black and silver belt to accentuate that tiny waist, or some contrast sneakers (think monochrome: black or white is best). Keep the jewels subtle, with a few dainty rings and studded earrings to match. 

*We’re all about character building, so please keep in mind each Hatrik item comes with it’s own story. As a result, .slight wear and tear or vintage defects may be present.

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