50s In Roads Pink Floral

50s In Roads Pink Floral



As seen above, floral means flirtatious and frivolous so add some colour to the post-summer wardrobe with this beautiful vintage piece. As the post-war period boasted, tiny waist are still in, so accentuate the look with this ruched detailing and full skirt. 

Size and Fit

Authentic vintage- approximately a  10-12 in size. 


100% Silk

Styling Inspiration

The dress does the talking so keep accessories to a minimum, but if you're in one of those moods then I insist- add some subtle necklaces and ring details (think floral gold or gem stones). Bags? Anything goes really, wear your favourite black tote or dress it up with a small metallic clutch. 

*We’re all about character building, so please keep in mind each Hatrik item comes with it’s own story. As a result, .slight wear and tear or vintage defects may be present.


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