50s Black Floral Dress

50s Black Floral Dress



Tiny waists and a full skirt to contrast, this dresses epitomises the 50s with a subtle floral print and a perfectly situated at-the-knee length. One of my best friend's Sal rocks this look all year round (winter means a few layers of stockings and slightly heeled boot for proportions), and if you are any where near as confident this style is a no-brainer- short skirts doesn't always mean sexy. 

Size and Fit

Authentic vintage- approximately a  10-12 in size. 


Authentic vintage- polyester silk blend. 

Styling Inspiration

Pair this dress with a novelty clutch (think Olympia Le Tan quilted books) or contrast the more conservative look with a 12 inch platform and some heavy gold bling. See below for inspiration. 

*We’re all about character building, so please keep in mind each Hatrik item comes with it’s own story. As a result, .slight wear and tear or vintage defects may be present.

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