Much like her equally as sophisticated neighbour Copenhagen, Stockholm is arguably an even more beautiful (and colder) version. Thankfully i’m more suited to the cold climate, an excuse to wear those star boots, Nudie jeans and a wool trench that seemed to be the goto uniform. A straight-A student and qualities of a head prefect, its as if the perfected quaintness could be forced into a snow globe, and weather permitting- making the ideal souvenir. Stockholm is made up of fourteen islands and each one connected by one of the fifty-seven bridges, adding to this folk tale romance with Repunzal sitting atop the quintessential Disney castle. Her blonde hair not only a convenient twist to the plot, but a Swedish default gene. While all have their own personalities to offers, we chose to devote time to two specialities, Gamla Stana and the trendiness that is SoFo. The old town of Gamla Stan, is a product of the country’s pride and perfectionist nature, where preservation is without fault, and the result? Cobbled streets, baroque restaurants and churches as old as the fairytales themselves. SoFo, quite the opposite- was lined with ready-to-eat delis, and hipsters basking on the grass areas in between...BYO beard and beanie.

Berns Hotel: Nackstromsgatan 8 SE-III 27 Stockholm

Grandpa.Se Vintage: Sodermannagatn 21, Fridhemsgatan 43

Nitty Gritty: Krukmakargatan 24-26, SE-118 51 Stockholm

Beyond Retro: Asogatan 144 SoFo

Fred Perry: Bondegatan 46, SoFo

Urban Deli: Nytorget 4, SoFo

Acne Studios Flagship  

Taking a break from the city scape meant ferry hopping through the archipelago, through what is the world’s first national city park- a green oasis only a stone’s throw away from the main square. Here, parklands disappeared into the background of each view and the gingerbread-like houses lined the waters edge. It’s not often a city's stereotype is illustrated on every corner, yet Stockholm oozed with everything Swedish with little room for foreign influence. Whether this is due to the distance taking affect or pride being at the forefront of local attitude, for this reason- isolation has paid off. I was lucky enough to be shown around by a true local, a friend who knows how to ‘Fika’ oh too well, and if it weren’t for the slight Aussie accent revealing itself between breaths, we may as well have lived there. Yet our brunette curls were enough to tell us apart, nevertheless a local perspective is never beaten- providing me with a free (and much more fun) snapshot-tour-meets-Conde-Nast-Travel-Guide. It was four days of doing not much at all but everything at the same time, giving a wave to the royal family from outside the gates of the palace, sipping on the local Rekordelig cider or blueberry picking as we went. While the street style was if Paris spring fashion week had arrived at Sweden’s doorstep, the vintage also made its mark, picking up lace dresses and Levi denim for a quarter of market price. 

What avo on toast is to us, smoked salmon was to them, and I wasn’t complaining- an obvious justification of how the locals remained beautiful (and perhaps blonde?). While museums seeped with Scandi royalty and Ikea-style interior design, the Acne Studios flagship was a site in itself- and i’m not being biased here. Denim lined the walls, pistol boots were served on tap and the lemonade budget went out the door for a champagne purchase- crispy white sneakers with the brand’s square-faced emoji perched atop.

And every time they grace my feet, they, amongst many things, are a quirky reminder of this special city and how a girl can never have enough sneakers. My cue to book a flight back.

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